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NOTICE: The health and safety of our clients, partners, and employees is our top priority as well as the continued success of our companies and communities. We will continue to supply our health care products to you and your customers and your patients during these difficult times. We will be creating a skeleton crew to keep product moving. We will also limit the phone hours to 9am to 3pm PST until further notice. This will allow us to stay in voice contact and allow for minimum number of personnel to be in the facility. As usual we will be monitoring all emails on a regular basis. Stay healthy and remember to keep your social distance when out in public.


KLM Orthotic Labs is an industry leader in the manufacture of quality custom and prefabricated lower extremity orthotic products. We specialize in Foot Orthotics, Ankle Foot Orthotics, Orthotic Insoles, Orthotic Sandals and Orthotic Materials.

Save Money By Ordering Online!

At you can design and order custom devices and refurbishments.

Discounts apply for covers, posts and plantar fills.

Receive automatic status notifications by email.

Submit Support Tickets to resolve order questions... no more phone tag!

Schedule pickups and view scheduled pickups.

Request complementary supplies like boxes and padded envelopes.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY! Step into the future at

KLM Labs accepts Digital Casts for all...

Foot Orthotics, Gauntlets, Solid AFOs, KLM Braces, and Richie Products!

Watch the video to learn about the clean and simply process of Digital Casting.

Positioning the foot is critical when casting for orthotics and AFOs...

Learn to confidently find Subtalar neutral and lock the midtarsal joint.

Thank you to those who attended KLM's Digital Casting workshop at the 2019 Western Foot and Ankle Conference.

KLM Labs will be going virtual at the 2020 Western Foot and Ankle Conference. Hope to see you there!

KLM Made a video to promote Orthotic Therapy and Your Practice!

Watch the generic version.

Email your logo file and business name to KLM Labs at and our design team will personalize a version of the video for you.

Improve your marketing -> Grow your practice.