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About Us

About KLM Laboratories Inc.

KLM Laboratories, Inc., began making prescription foot orthotics (or medically designed arch supports) in 1973. Founded by the respected Podiatrist and Professor, Dr. Howard Marshall, DPM, KLM Laboratories has been a cornerstone since the early days of the orthotic industry. Today, Team KLM is working to bring KLM Laboratories into the digital age of manufacturing. Our focus has always been to improve the function and stability of the foot and ankle. Through constant study and evaluation of how custom foot orthotics and ankle braces are made, we have developed a complete line of over-the-counter foot orthotics and ankle braces that fit better, feel more comfortable, and keep you on your feet longer. And now, it's all available online!

When Dr. Howard Marshall started KLM Labs in 1973, there weren't many custom prescription foot orthotic laboratories in the US. It also marked the beginning of non-weight bearing, neutral position casting techniques for capturing the shape of the foot. Plastics such as polypropylene were new to the foot orthotic industry as well. So, the need for a comprehensive orthotic lab was evident and KLM Labs was initiated. KLM's mission is to "Provide foot orthotics and ankle foot orthotics with an emphasis on quality and service." This mission has been the driving force behind our 45+ continuous years in business.

Presently, KLM Labs is one of the most successful manufactureres of foot orthotics and ankle foot orthotics in the world. And we are delighted to be the primary provider of foot and ankle orthotics to podiatrists, medical doctors, orthotic and prosthetic technicians, pedorthists, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

KLM's Products include:
  • Custom prescription foot orthotics
  • Custom prescription ankle foot orthotics
  • Prefabricated foot orthotics or insoles
  • Prefabricated ankle foot orthotics
  • Orthotic materials and related supplies

The future of KLM Laboratories is to maintain our leadership role as a primary innovator of orthotic fabrication technologies, such as:

  • Researching and developing new methods for evaluating unique biomechanical foot deformities
  • Publishing how orthoses promote proper foot function and alleviate symptoms
  • Implementing the use of digital casting "scanning" to capture the foot's unique 3D shape
  • Automating the fabrication of orthotic bracing
  • Designing biomechanically engineered preforms
  • Proving the medical efficacy of scientifically based Library Systems

KLM will continue to demonstrate how applying innovation and creativity to orthotic technology can stimulate the experience of patients and practitioners.