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Ankle Braces

Foot & Ankle Support Braces for Men & Women

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A foot and ankle orthotic is a brace that supports the structure of the foot as well as the ankle. These products are excellent solutions for ankle sprains, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, drop foot, and other conditions that require the ankle motion to be controlled in conjunction with pronation.

Please don't hesitate to contact the Team at KLM Labs by completing the contact form here or by email at, if you have any questions regarding our over the counter medical-grade foot and ankle braces and accessories.

When you buy an orthotic ankle brace online, you should be able to feel confident in the product as well as the company behind it. KLM Laboratories has a long history of providing prescription products to foot care professionals all across the country, and we've evaluated thousands of custom foot orthotics and braces to bring you this selection of over-the-counter products. All of our braces are designed to be comfortable and effective by offering optimal support and alignment for a wide range of common conditions. Our selection includes stability braces for foot and ankle sprains and strains as well as corrective braces designed to lift the toes up and away from the ground during the swing phase of gait.

Stability Braces

Ankle strains and sprains are highly common injuries. A simple twist, roll or an awkward turn can result in an injury involving either muscle, tendon or ligament. The Motion Pro OTC provides firm stability at the intersection of the foot and ankle. By controlling the position as well as the range of motion of the ankle, it helps to prevent further injury by completely restricting rotation and inversion. This brace features a contoured plate that's hinged at the ankle to keep the foot in a neutral position that's conducive to healing. It's designed to provide relief and protection from strains, sprains and mid-foot injuries, and can be worn as an interim brace before a custom AFO.

Assistive Foot Braces

The Motion Pro Dynamic Assist brace is a much more customized brace that uses spring hinges to lift the toes up and away from the ground as the wearer prepares to take a step. This type of assistive brace prevents trips and falls from gait abnormalities, specifically from drop foot. Drop foot can occur for a variety of reasons and is characterized by inadequate dorsiflexion during swing phase of the gait cycle due to dorsiflexor muscle weakness. Individuals with drop foot may have experienced nerve damage or muscle paralysis due to M.S. or other neurological disorders, making it difficult to lift the front of the foot during the gait cycle. This condition can be temporary or may be permanent, however, in both instances studies have shown significant improvement from the use of a proper orthotic.

If you experience trouble walking, particularly if your toes catch the floor often causing you to trip or fall, we recommend that you visit your doctor for a professional diagnostic opinion. In addition to an OTC drop foot brace, he or she can suggest exercises to help strengthen your ankle muscles, or may recommend a custom molded ankle-foot orthosis.