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KLM's OTC Preform Orthotic Catalog

The products listed on this page are available exclusively to licensed practitioners and distributors.
If you are a patient, or a member of the general public, you can order directly from KLM Labs here

Orthotic insoles are designed to support and balance feet and legs from the ground up.

It is crucial to select an orthotic insole with an orthotic shell within the insole. Most store bought /over the counter insoles do not have an orthotic shell. These insoles are made from soft pliable materials that serve as cushion but do not provide support to the bones, muscles, and tendons of the foot.

KLM Orthotic Insoles have been designed after many years of comprehensive research. We have developed a KLM proprietary shape which is world renowned. The orthotic shell inside KLM insoles has been designed after studying hundreds of thousands of prescription, custom made foot orthotics. Simply, it is the average prescription custom foot orthotic by shoe size. This orthotic shell in combination with soft cushioning materials supports the bony structure and allows muscles and tendons to better absorb forces created during walking, running, and jumping.

Supersteps™ are designed to improve performance during sports activities, such as jogging, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf—any and all sports related activities. Supersteps™ are constructed with three levels of arch support: firm, semi-flexible, and flexible, fine tune your patient’s performance for any sport activity.

CP3300 insoles are designed for the work place. If your work involves standing, climbing, or walking throughout the day, then CP3300 Insoles are for you. They provide the support needed to keep your patient working comfortably all day.

CP Plus™ is designed for the work place and for people with sweaty or smelly feet. They provide the support needed to keep patients working in comfort while wicking away the moisture and destroying the stinky microbes created by sweat in the shoe.

Essence Insoles™ are designed specifically for women’s fashion shoes-the perfect orthotic for any woman on the go. This orthotic is perfect for patients wearing flats or high heels. Available in two color options: black or tan. Select the color and experience incredible comfort in your hard-to-fit shoes.

Gold Insoles™ are designed for men’s hard-to-fit shoes. This orthotic is perfect for your loafers, cowboy boots, ski or snowboard boots, bike shoes, etc. Like the Essence KLM’s Gold is available in two color options: black or tan. Select the color and experience incredible comfort in your hard-to-fit shoes.