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KLM Orthotic Labs is an industry leader in manufacturing quality custom and prefabricated lower extremity orthotic products.We specialize in Foot Orthotics, Ankle Foot Orthotics, Orthotic Insoles, and Orthotic Materials.

Featured Article: Digital Casting for Foot Orthoses - It's All About Positioning! By Doug Richie Jr. DPM FACFAS FAAPSM

Digital scanning has gained increased popularity in the podiatric profession as an alternative to traditional negative impression casting for the fabrication of custom foot orthoses and ankle-foot orthoses. Accompanying this trend is confusion and misinformation about the accuracy of digital scanning as well as the acceptable positioning of the patient during the scanning process.Digital scanning has been shown in several studies to be as accurate as plaster of Paris impression casting to capture the shape of the foot and ankle for the fabrication of orthoses.

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Featured Products

Team KLM is always innovating and designing new products. Read more about our newest product lines below.


KLM's most cost effective custom prescription foot orthotic, eTech_Rx is manufactured using digital casts (scans). Practitioners can order KLM's complete range of additions to this durable polypropylene device. The shell is milled to each individual patient’s requirements (2-6mm), allowing for specific rigidity control. eTech_Rx is available with or without an intrinsic unified rearfoot post, intrinsic aspects such as deep heel cups, flanges, clips, cutouts, fascial grooves and styloid accommodations. Add any of KLM's top cover materials, metpads, and forefoot accommodations to make the eTech_Rx the perfect custom foot orthotic for each patient. In summary, the eTech_Rx is the more versatile custom prescription orthotic available today!

Posted CP 3300

Presenting the Posted CP 3300, available in sizes Men's 5-13 / Women's 7-15. These shells are the CP 3300 shape (Defined as the average custom foot orthotic by shoe size) but with an intrinsic 2 degree varus rearfoot post in addition. This post is debulked for shoe fit and you can apply "lift clips" - lego-like attachments allowing you to build heel lifts, and adjust the orientation of the post yourself.

Richie Aerospring Systems

KLM Labs is proud to offer the Richie Brace Aerospring Systems. These graphite braces are by far superior to commonly used "walking boots" which are bulky and prevent the patient from engaging in activities like driving. The Aerospring brace comes with custom foot orthotics, further improving the patient's outcome. New Carbon AFO design!

Kid Os

Check out KLM's new injection molded pediatric orthotics, Kid Os. These soft polyethylene devices have high medial and lateral flanges, media skives and flat posts. They are perfect for the common flatfoot that emerges in children around age 5. These devices and soft feeling, brightly colored, and very effective at reducing overpronation in children ages 4-7.

Featured Educational Videos

Dr. Richie Presents Foot Positioning For Casting

Subtalar Neutral and Locking the MidTarsal Joint

Dr. Richie Presents Reducing Forefoot Supinatus

Casting Adult Acquired Flatfoot and Supination Deformity

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There are a variety of ways to contact KLM. You can click here to complete the contact form. If you have an eLab account, you can submit Support Tickets to KLM's Billing and Customer Service departments concerning specific orders. You can also call us, fax us or email us. KLM's current Customer Service and Billing Department hours of operation are 9am-3pm PST.

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