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Arch Support Dress Shoe Insoles for Men & Women

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Foot orthotics are an effective solution for ailments relating to overpronation and oversupination. However, they are typically not known as fashionable accessories. To combat this stereotype and make orthotic therapy more accessible to a larger population, KLM Labs has designed a line of fashion orthotics to make arch support available to individuals who wear fashionable or close-fitting shoes.

Our low profile dress shoe orthotic inserts feature the Cobra Shell encased in a comfortable suede and leather cover. Featuring a unique design, Cobra shells are able to provide orthotic support for narrow feet and shoes that traditionally can't accommodate a more bulky insert.
Get better arch support to reduce pain and the types of gait abnormalities that result in long term damage to the bone structures and ligaments of the feet. Improper footwear, especially when worn for long periods in stressful conditions can result in the need for a corrective orthotic insole. Get ahead of the curve with KLM's fashion orthotics. These devices can fit in flats, high heels, and boots where more bulky orthotic insoles fail.
Wear them anywhere you'd find yourself in need of a dress or tight-fitting insole: in cowboy boots, high heels, narrow flats, loafers, dance shoes, skates, cleats for track or soccer, ski or snowboard boots, bike shoes and more.

The word "orthotic" implies some kind of brace. Fashion orthotics, though less bulky, still encourage the joints in the foot to align properly during the gait cycle so those forces are transferred effectively though the structures of the lower extremity. Finding the correct supportive orthotics for narrow feet requires considering a variety of factors. What is your shoe size and weight? What types of activities are you participating in? What types of shoes will this device be required to fit and function within? KLM understands that many people need to and enjoy wearing close-fitting, fashionable shoes. That's why KLM Labs has designed products especially to function in these difficult to fit situations, so you never have to go without the benefit of foot orthotics! Please don't hesitate to contact the Team at KLM Labs by completing the contact form here or by email at if you have any questions regarding our products. We'd be happy to help you find the correct fashion orthotic today!