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Superstep™ Insoles and Alignment Orthotics

Superstep Technology

Superstep History
Superstep products were some of the first over-the-counter foot orthotics introduced to the orthopedic market. Developed by KLM Labs in the early 1990s, the Superstep shells were the first of their kind. All foot orthotics existing in the market up until that point had been custom made to the molds of patients' feet. As one of the leading manufacturers of custom foot orthotics in the United States, KLM Labs had the opportunity to study thousands of patients' casts, and their resulting foot orthotics. By using 3D imaging software to analyze these shapes, KLM determined the average foot orthotic by shoe size. These Superstep shapes were made into injection molds so the orthotic shells could be manufactured at a lower cost, resulting in a more affordable price for the end user.

The Analysis
Further study of over 133,000 pairs of orthotics shows that certain foot shapes exist more often than others. Of the thousands of shapes that were documented, 99 shapes occurred 70% of the time. These shapes became the System Rx Products. Click hereto read more about KLM's System Rx Technology. Most feet fall into a relatively small range of measurable dimensions. By mathematizing these shapes and sizes of the feet, KLM Labs made the art of biomechanics more accessible to the general public.

Superstep products are the orthotic shells and insoles designed to be useful and affordable to as many people as possible. Simply order by shoe size with an additional choice between three levels of support. KLM Labs supplies Superstep products to Veteran's Associations nationwide. KLM is proud to provide orthotics to our nation's heroes, and that does not exclude the working people who make our country what it is, day in and day out.

While some individuals need truly customized arch supports, most people actually have relatively normal feet. This, however, does not exclude them from experiencing those foot conditions commonly associated with excessive daily use and improper footwear, such as foot fatigue, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and bunions. Now with Superstep Custom Insoles, you can order additions specific to some of these common conditions such as metatarsal pads, heel spur pads and bunion accommodations.

Our Superstep products include a range of pain reducing insoles and shells. Get the foot-aligning insole that's specifically designed to provide you with the type of support you’ll need for pain relief. All of our products were created after carefully considering the needs of the average foot to offer superior orthopedic arch support for flat feet, plantar fasciitis, pain due to overuse, diabetes, bunions and more.