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Sports Insoles for Better Athletic Performance

All KLM's products are Made in the USA. - Support American manufacturing by purchasing from KLM Lab's Online Store!

Our prescription foot orthotics were developed as a treatment for ailments that were typically treated using surgery. These inserts are designed to fit well in athletic shoes and cleats, and provide the same beneficial support that some patients require for their everyday lives. KLM Laboratories manufactures many prescription foot orthotics for professional athletes, and now we have comparable over-the-counter products available online!

We carry two types of sports insoles to help you improve your athletic performance and take the stress off of the small bones and ligaments in your feet. Our Supersteps insoles start with a Foot Soldier shell, to which we add a light density neoprene that's covered with nylon to prevent excess moisture. Neoprene increases shock absorption to provide additional comfort during athletic activity. The support level of this shock absorbing cushion insole can be custom fitted by choosing the desired flexibility you want in your sports shoes.

Our System Rx insoles offer the most customizable walking and running support of any shoe insert that we offer. These insoles are the product of years of careful research, evaluation and engineering, which helped us to produce 99 orthotic shapes that are guaranteed to conform to and support the arches of your feet. These professional orthotics help to prevent arch pain and plantar fasciitis, no matter the position of your arches or the width of your feet.

While walking, running and jumping, the entire weight of your body is transferred through the bones, ligaments and muscles of the feet and ankles. If the alignment of these structures is repetitively incorrect, it can cause long term damage. However, a simple sport orthotic can help prevent said damage. The orthotic shell encourages the structures in the foot to align properly so those forces are transferred effectively though the lower extremity. Finding the correct orthotic for you requires considering a variety of factors. What is your shoe size and weight? What types of sports are you participating in? KLM Labs has a variety of orthotic insoles designed for sports such as baseball, golf, soccer, basketball, cross country, dance, even equestrian sports. Please don't hesitate to contact KLM Labs by completing the contact form here or by email at if you have any questions regarding our products. We'd be happy to help you order the correct sport orthotic today!