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All KLM products come with a standard warranty beginning on the ship date from KLM Labs. The standard warranty protects materials from breakage and defects in workmanship for six months. KLM’s product guarantee and standard warranty expire if and when products are modified by any customer.

KLM cannot issue credit due to patient non-compliance, non-tolerance, non-acceptance, or reimbursement failures. Lab error or workmanship claims will be honored at full credit if declared within 90 days.

Most fitting issues can be resolved with adjustments. Adjustments to custom prescription orthotics are covered within the first 6 months; for example, adjusting arch heights or shortening orthotics. Changes to the original prescription are not covered. For example, adding an accommodation that was not originally requested or changing the orthotic type is not covered. Providers returning orthotics for adjustments should include detailed information describing the patient’s problem and specific directions for the adjustment. KLM representatives can assist you by recommending adjustments that have been found effective in addressing certain orthotic compliance problems. KLM does not warranty adjustments made contrary to our experience or recommendations.

Providers and distributors pay all shipping fees for Over-The-Counter products. OTC product returns must be authorized in advance and free from wear (in new condition) and the provider/distributor pays a 50% restocking fee. Modified products are not eligible for return. To submit return requests, complete the contact form, email, or call customer service at 800-556-3668. Current business hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm PST. If a return is authorized, options will be provided. If a return is ineligible, the reason will be specified.