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For Licensed Practitioners and Distributors

Foot Soldier Insoles

KLM Labs is a proud supplier of the United States Military!

Custom fit with System Rx

Orthotics that contour your unique feet

Fashion Fit

Insoles designed for close fitting shoes

Know Thy Foot

Learn about common ailments and how orthotic therapy can help!

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System Rx Technology

KLM's patented System Rx Technology provides a custom orthotic for a very affordable price. After seeing success with mathematizing foot shapes, KLM expanded its inventory of orthotic injection molds, making 99 shapes and sizes with varying lengths, widths, and arch heights.

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Know Thy Foot

Ailments of the feet are common amongst people of the modern world. Many of us grow up wearing shoes designed to be fashionable, not functional. Imagine stiletto high heels and even skate shoes. These types of footwear are not ideal for the skeletal and muscular structures of the feet.


Non-invasive orthotic therapy can help to reduce foot pain as well as discomfort and malfunction in the knees, hips, back, and neck.

Shop by concern for orthotic products that address your discomfort

Orthotics for Runners

Sports & Orthotics

Ankle Sprains

Diabetic Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics

Post Tibial Tendon Disorder


Licensed Practitioners and Distributors

KLM Orthotic Labs is an industry leader in manufacturing quality custom and prefabricated lower extremity orthotic products. We specialize in Foot Orthotics, Ankle Foot Orthotics, Orthotic Insoles, and Orthotic Materials.

No matter your situation, you’ll find the custom orthotics and other products you need at KLM Labs.

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Don’t Wait Any Longer

At KLM Labs we specialize in developing cutting-edge technology to create the best custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis and other types of foot and heel pain that result from overuse or incorrect shoe wear. Our supportive sports orthotics are ideal for working people, athletes, diabetics, veterans, children, and anyone seeking to enhance their foot support for any sort of daily activity. Explore our full range of custom insoles and find the support and relief you need.