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Custom Fit Prescription Grade Insoles for Wide Feet

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Feet come in a range of widths and sizes, and it's the subtle nuances such as your arch height in relation to your heel width that can make finding medical-grade inserts for people with wide feet so difficult without a prescription. Many OTC shoe inserts offer only general cushioning, and can’t provide support and alignment that's suited specifically to the wearer. As a result, the gait cycle remains uncorrected, allowing long-term, chronic issues to persist and reoccur.

If you're suffering from pain in the heel, arches, knees, hips or back, a properly fitted orthotic can provide relief where other products fall short. Our orthotic inserts aren't just designed to be comfortable, they provide proper structure and support to improve your stride and minimize pain and injuries from overuse, plantar fasciitis, bunions and more. Whether you're placing stress on your bones and ligaments by standing for extended periods of time, you're an athlete in need of stability, or you experience pronation or supination (rolling inward or outward), a customizable orthotic can help.

After studying thousands of foot orthotics manufactured for foot care professionals nationwide, KLM Labs discovered that 99 orthotic shapes and sizes consistently repeated themselves 70 percent of the time. These shapes then became the basis for our System Rx shells, which make it possible for you to order an insole sized exactly for your foot's length, heel width, and arch heights, and at the correct rigidity for your weight and activity level. Foot orthotics can make a big difference. Improper footwear, especially when worn for long periods in stressful conditions can actually cause damage to the bone structures and ligaments of the feet, resulting in the need for a corrective orthotic insole.

While walking, the entire weight of your body is transferred through the bones, ligaments and muscles of the feet and ankles in a process called the gait cycle. This is when repetitive incorrect alignment can cause long-term damage, which a simple supportive orthotic can prevent. The orthotic insole encourages the joints in the foot to align properly during the gait cycle so those forces are transferred effectively through the structures of the lower extremity. Finding a correctly sized orthotic insole is not so easy, especially when your feet are wide. That's why KLM Laboratories designed the "System Rx" products. These custom orthotic shoe inserts are ideal for men and women, and can be ordered to match your specific needs. Click here to read more about System Rx Technology. And of course, please don't hesitate to contact the Team at KLM Labs by completing the contact form here or by email at if you have any questions regarding our products. We'll help you buy the right wide orthotics for low, medium or high arch support the first time.