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Ensure the Most Benefit and Satisfaction from Your Orthotics

Your orthotics were made to conform to the contours of your feet and to improve the alignment of the feet and legs, thus relieving any symptoms of abnormal foot function.

During the first few weeks of wear, your body will gradually become accustomed to this new and proper alignment. Because each human body is different, the exact period of adjustment is difficult to determine. It may take 2-6 weeks. During this adjustment period, you may experience mild discomfort in other parts of the body, such as the knees, hips, or back. This discomfort is temporary, and should disappear as the orthotics help the foot to realign and function more efficiently.

Wearing Instructions:

1) Wear your orthotics for up to one hour the first day, two hours the second day, three hours the third day, etc. You may wear them more if comfortable or less if necessary.

2) If your orthotics cause pain before you have worn them for the scheduled period, remove them. On the second day, do not attempt to increase the wearing time. Then resume your schedule the following day, increasing the wearing period one hour per day.

3) Be sure to wear stockings or socks to minimize the possibility of skin irritation.

4) Remember that shoe construction will affect your orthotics; they function most effectively in closed shoes rather than step-ins. When purchasing new shoes, bring your orthotics to ensure proper fit.

5) Occasionally the orthotics may squeak in your shoes. This can be eliminated by lightly dusting baby powder into the shoes.

6) Care and cleaning: wipe off with lukewarm water (never hot). Avoid soaking. Allow to dry before re-using. KLM does not recommend using a shoe horn as their sharp edges can cause damage to padded cover materials. Shoe horn damage is not covered by the standard warranty.

Fitting Instructions:

1) Confirm the orthotic shell ends just behind the ball of the foot.

2) Confirm the heel width is comfortable and close fitting.

3) If the orthotic shell fits perfectly, but the top cover is too long or wide and gets rumpled in the toe box of your shoe, you can trim them down yourself to fit. Watch the video below to learn how trim your top covers. Please understand modified KLM products are not eligible for return.

Click here to download the cover trimming sizing chart.