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In an effort to assist practitioners in providing patients with quality in every step, KLM Labs is proud to support the education of Biomechanics and Podiatric Medicine. Educational Webinars are a beneficial aspect of virtual learning; stay informed on industry tips and changes that could prove advantageous to medical professionals treating the ankle or foot.

The Adult Acquired Flatfoot- More than just PTTD

Douglas Richie Jr, DPM discusses the pathoanatomy and pathomechanics of adult acquired flatfoot deformity. Dr Richie also points out key diagnostic tests to accurately stage flatfoot deformity as well as review the published literature regarding orthotic intervention.

Simplifying Foot Orthotic Therapy in Podiatric Practice with Dr. Douglas Richie

Lecture Objectives:
1. To understand the importance of patient positioning in the impression casting or scanning procedure for custom foot orthoses and AFO devices
2. To understand how functional foot orthoses are fabricated and key steps which can be modified per the prescription for the doctor
3. To present common myths and misunderstanding regarding terminology and function of certain orthotic device enhancements
4. To present simple pearls for improving treatment outcomes for common foot and ankle pathologies using foot orthoses and AFO braces.