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See inside the production facility at KLM Labs in Valencia, CA.

Production Technology Tour

See the cutting edge technology being engaged inside KLM's production facility in Valencia, CA.

KLM Labs At Work

See the flow of materials and personal inside KLM Lab's production facility. It's a beautiful dance we do 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

KLM Automation

Labor is expensive, especially in California. That's why KLM labs engages automation at every possible step. Our goal is the success of your business, and the positive outcomes of your patients. We accomplish this goal by producing the highest quality products, at the lowest possible cost to you. Automation is a big part of that process.

KLM Milling Technology

Some day to be replaced by 3D printing, the ability to use mills to manufacture positive molds, and now orthotic shells themselves, has been a major driving force in the orthotic industry. Watch this vdieo to get a glimpse of the early milling technology used by KLM.