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*Perform on your iPad with the Structure Sensor Scanner charged and connected*

- Delete the current version of the application.
- Update the software on your iPad. (Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install)
- Click here to download KLM's Digital Casting Application.
- Tap "View" in the top right corner, and proceed to download "TestFlight".
- Tap "Get" and then "Install" to download and install TestFlight.
- If the Apple ID password is requested, input it, or call KLM Labs if we provided the hardware.
- Tap "Allow" to allow TestFlight to send you notifications.
- Tap "Open" and "Continue" and "Accept" to proceed.

- If at this time you see the message "No Apps Available to Test", press the home button and return to Safari where you first tapped "View" to see begin downloading TestFlight. Then tap "Open" to return to TestFlight.

- Tap "Install" to download KLM's Digital Casting Application.
- Open KLM's Digital Casting Application.
- Select Next and "Start Testing" to begin.
- Allow access to the camera if you are asked.
- Navigate to the "Settings" and input your eLab username in the "Username" field.
- Tap "Calibration" and follow the Calibrator's instructions.
- Start Digitally Casting your patients!
Contact 800-556-3668 with any questions or concerns.