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KLM Digital Casting

KLM Labs has designed an application for iPad and Structure Sensor to obtain Digital Casts (scans) of your patient's lower leg anatomy. Now you can order any of KLM's custom prescription orthotics and ankle foot orthotics by submitting digital casts!

NOTICE: KLM recommends turning off automatic updates on your iPad if you're using the Digital Casting Application.

KLM's Digital Casting App obtains Digital Casts (scans) sufficient for ordering any of KLM's custom manufactured, prescription orthotics and AFOs and securely transmits them to KLM's online ordering platform: eLab. Upload patient data including digital casts and photos in minutes without concern of the potential delays and risks of shipping physical casts. eLab services include live price quotes, order status notifications, and online customer support. By submitting digital casts and ordering online, you gain access to KLM's most cost effective products, as well as discounts on top covers, extrinsic rear foot posts, and plantar fills. Enjoy!

Click here to download the application, or search "KLM Digital Casting" in the Apple App Store from your iPad. Before downloading, be sure to update the software on your iPad and delete any old versions of the KLM Digital Casting App you may have previously installed.

You can purchase your own Structure Sensor Scanner from their website here Be sure to choose the correct bracket for your iPad. KLM Digital Casting supports both the discontinued Mark I Scanner and the new, higher resolution, Mark II Scanner.

Read the KLM Digital Casting Privacy Policy here. Watch the video below for Quick Start Instructions. Step Into The Future With KLM Labs!